Chandoori Sai
luxury tribal village accommodation and tribal tours in the heart of Orissa, India
Working in the fields in Goudaguda
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About Us

Chandoori  Sai was established by 'going tribal' with the aim of using quality tourism to focus attention and bring work and business opportunities to the people of the Southern Districts of Orissa, through development projects funded out of the operations of 'going tribal' and also by assisting in adapting styles and or techniques of the different craft to make suitable, quality products for Indian and foreign markets. It is a multi-functional operation designed to bring development in an intelligent and constructive way to a place where there is little to none.

It is not a charity or a welfare organization but a working concept aimed at getting the maximum benefits and opportunities to the general rural and tribal inhabitants of the Tribal Belt of Orissa. This unique project was conceived and developed by, and is being managed by, Mr Leon Mahoney, an Australian national who is a permanent resident of India and also committed to India.

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